Satellite Ultrasonic Tank Monitors

Precise readings to manage your inventory.

Our premium ultrasonic system uses sound waves to take readings accurate within ± 2%. These precise measurements combined with our satellite communication were designed for 2 key reasons:

  1. Inventory Management – save time and money by reducing unnecessary truck rolls.
  2. Critical Customer Monitoring – feel confident you’re getting accurate and consistent measurements for customers that can’t afford to have empty tanks.


  • Ultrasonic readings with ± 2% fill level accuracy to maximize ROI on fuel trips
  • External mounting for fast and safe deployment – no reliance on any existing mechanical gauges
  • Low tank alarms sent right to your cell phone or email inbox
  • Built for harsh climates: works in temperatures -40ºF to 140ºF (-40ºC to 60ºC)
  • Easy installation using our Android app (no cell service required)
  • Can be setup to send scheduled readings or readings based on low fill levels (Event Readings)

Large Tank system


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