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How we do it!

Xact is in the business of providing to you exact tank fill level information for all sizes of tanks -Propane and/or Diesel- at any location with the best service available in the market!

30 years in the measurement business helped Schmitt Industries, Inc. to create this leading edge ultrasonic technology. Measurements are transmitted with a very reliable and affordable satellite network, direct to your desktop, laptop, tablet or cell phone via the internet.

Tank Monitoring: Anytank-Anytime-Anywhere!

Monitor: Anytank-Anytime-Anywhere in the world!
Propane and/or Diesel!

The Xact Tank Monitoring System displays tank information via the internet to your desktop, laptop,tablet, or cell phone. The system is mounted externally on the tank and measures the fill level and transmits data via the Globalstar® satellite network and the World Wide Web. Customers have convenient and easy access to tank levels and instant alarm levels from any location on earth.

Xact satellite data communications services for propane and/or diesal fuel companies enable them to remotely monitor fuel levels in large bulk storage tanks and small tanks for all residential, commercial and industrial applications.

A Competitive Edge from Xact

xact tank unit With ever-increasing competition, marketers have an urgent need to introduce fuel level monitoring of customers' tanks and remote company owned tanks. The use of Xact tank monitors increases delivered gallons per tank visit resulting in lower operational costs. You will know "XACT'LY" when to refill the tank!

The advantages of the Xact Tank Monitoring System are:

  • External mounting with no reliance on any existing mechanical gauges, Anytank!
  • Encrypted data sent directly from the tank via satellite and on to the user instantly!
  • No reliance on telephone lines or cell phones - no dropped data!
  • Temperature adjusted readings for accuracy within +/- 2% for large tanks; +/- 1% for small tanks
  • Built in alarm levels and automatic low tank level messaging via email to cell phone, tablets, etc.
  • Works in adverse operating temperatures from minus 40 degrees Celsius to plus 60 degrees Celsius
  • 3-5 year battery operation, depending upon measurement frequency
  • Fast and easy to install with existing staff.
  • Tamper resistance products that reduce unauthorized modification of Company data.
  • Integrate into your (ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning System delivery scheduling programs
  • You data can be either “pulled” or “pushed” to meet your data handling needs.
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