Schmitt CEO Memo to Customers Among COVID-19

March 31, 2020


Dear Valued Partners and Customers,

During this challenging COVID-19 environment, we are pulling together (virtually) to ensure continued the support to you and continued strength in our products.

At Schmitt, we have implemented COVID-19 response and business continuity plans to protect our employees and their families, and to safeguard the continuity of Schmitt operations. For the time being, we have implemented safety guidelines to protect our employees still working on location, while all other employees who can telecommute work remotely. This means that the team is ready for virtual support, albeit likely in more comfortable clothing.

Our production and operations teams continue to work hard to ensure quality and timely builds. They are vigilant and steady as they work in a more isolated facility that we have partitioned off. This helps to protect the individual from any potential spread while also protecting the facility as a whole and ensuring we can continue to support our products. In short, Schmitt is embracing #SocialDistancing during this challenging environment, to the benefit of all.

I’m confident we will be stronger in the coming months as we address and move past the COVID-19 pandemic together.

Thank you for your partnership and please let us know how we can be helpful during this time.

Michael R. Zapata
CEO and Chairman
Schmitt Industries, Inc.

Xact Tank Monitors