Not receiving any messages

Make sure to read our general troubleshooting post for more info.


If your tank was once receiving messages and has now stopped, we suggest the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Verify the system is not damaged or has not come loose/off the system
  2. Verify no moisture or ice has slipped inside of the unit. While these sytems are designed water resistent, moisture can begin erode device components and cause a wide variety of issues. 
  3. Check the battery voltage. Batteries can begin to have issues sending messages to the satellite as high as 6.75v. If your battery is lower than this, try replacing it.
  4. Replace the gel on ultrasonic device. This gel can begin to dry up over time.  It also recommended that while the system is being serviced at the tank that the old gel on the transducer be cleaned off and new gel applied.
  5. Re-calibrate and recommission system.


If you were once receiving messages and are no longer receiving them, try going through the general troubleshooting steps listed above (skipping step 4). Batteries for Gauge Readers could begine to fail as high as 6.0v.

If you have never received a message for this device, there was likely an issue during the installation process. Make sure it is hooked on properly, and try to re-calibrate and recommission.

Still no luck? Chat below or send an email to  for more help.

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