Construction Site LPG Skid Tank

This is the time of year when Propane companies are looking for construction projects that will go through the coming winter months. From heat in commercial buildings, material drying, roofing jobs or even site trailers needing heat and hot water, there is no doubt, landing as many temp heat contracts as possible can boost the bottom line. But, are you really prepared to keep these demanding customers in the gas? How can expensive software tell you when these tanks need refilling? The heat loss in new construction can be spotty at best, but what about worker overtime and surprise second or third shifts? We have all been there, either they run out or you show up (mostly OT) and the tanks read 70%.

Tank monitoring is the only sure way to know when to go to the job site. It’s accurate and dependable. At Xact Tank Monitoring Systems, our small tank system using the Ultrasonic system with satellite telemetry will give you accuracy within 2%. Imagine your office personal gets in early on a cold winter day, starts up their computer and goes to your tank monitoring portal to see the 5 AM readings for all those demanding temp heat customers. What a nice way to start your day!!

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